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Honey & Wine
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About Us

Have fun. Enjoy. Let the music take you on a journey.

Listening to Honey & Wine music is like takin’ a sight-seeing ride through the country as Connie Whitlock & Rick Kuenzler bring their musical presentation to the stage with various cover songs and their original music. Their style winds you down the old dirt roads of folk, ballads, bluegrass, and country, as well as onto the more modern & contemporary “gravelly” roads of the country rock sounds that pop beneath the wheels of their creativity.

Lyrically, Rick & Connie take you through the countryside of real life, from light and fun to deep, thought provoking places rich in substance and content. Places like your hometown, remembering Mom & Dad, wondering whatever happened to true love, and keeping dreams from laying in the old graveyard. Their skill and versatility as singer/songwriters, as well as their well-paired sound, come from backgrounds rich in musical learning and performing. Just as country music had it’s beginnings with friends and neighbors mixing ballads, folk, and blues, so Honey & Wine is friends and neighbors who bring their country mix from many different genres, and they invite YOU to come along for the ride!
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What We Do


Rick Kuenzler and Connie Whitlock are songwriters creating music to move your heart.


Honey & Wine brings a light hearted mood to the stage with the skill of country guitar and vocals.

Video Shows

Honey & Wine brings you video shows uploaded to our platforms for your enjoyment with interviews, talking music, songs, and more.


Rick and Connie both teach. Connie offers instruction in piano and vocal, and Rick offers instruction in guitar.

What People Are Saying

Mark Krouse
Mark Krouse
Great energy, great warmth and beautiful songs. Couldn't be more impressed with these two very talented musicians.
Gig Masters Client Review
Honey & Wine did a fantastic job! They are very talented and everyone really enjoyed their music. I received numerous positive comments all evening from family and friends regarding how much they enjoyed their performance. They were professional, prompt and really entertaining. Thank you for a wonderful evening.