In order to compose and create music that instills love, family, and enlightenment, COMMUNITY is the backbone to Honey & Wine’s enchanting sound. Inspired by the vast and diverse community of country artists like Little Big Town, Lady A, Miranda Lambert and many more, Honey & Wine incorporates vivid memories and vibrant communities as frequent motifs in their music. Fans love Honey & Wine and appreciate good country music at its core. Their fans are of all ages from young to old.

“Our debut single, Dreams In A Graveyard is our story” says Rick and Connie, “But it’s also so much more than that, because people who have heard that song along with the other songs we’ve written, tell us that they connect with the stories and find them inspirational and relatable to situations they’ve experienced in their own lives.”

When it comes to living life, Missouri is the home of Honey & Wine, as well as one of the birthplaces of country-folk music. Honey & Wine personifies the culture and community that is Missouri – Whether it’s the smell of barbecue cooking in Pleasant Hill on a warm summers evening or flashbacks of simpler times with friends, Rick and Connie embody their talents of descriptive songwriting through inspirations of family and community working and pulling together, helping one another, serving one another, and celebrating life at its fullest…TOGETHER.

The music of Honey & Wine captivates their audience with skilled guitar playing, heartwarming storytelling, and immersive vocals. However, the story behind the band is more intriguing than their charming bluegrass, folk, and country-rock sound. For over 30 years, Rick and Connie each learned music and played in various talented bands of various genres on separate paths. It wasn’t until those paths crossed at a music awards event in 2011 that they later began co-writing at a songwriting seminar where they found that perfect blend of what each brought to the table – creativity and structure. This allowed each to leverage their musical strengths and unlock their individual abilities that collectively gave birth to their style and sound. But such a blend needed a name that perfectly embodied it. After much musing, the name Honey & Wine was ultimately chosen. Honey is natural, sweet, and timeless, while wine has a wonderful flavor and numerous antioxidants that benefit good health. These are also the characteristics and qualities that mark Honey & Wine music.

With Rick on the guitar and Connie on vocals, these two intertwine their individual talents to compose music that is both spiritually awakening and symphonically sophisticated. Combining their long history of musical prowess, these two are a powerful force in country music, and shine a light through their sound to their audiences. You can experience this powerful force and shining light for yourself buy checking out their music!